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Dedicated Managed Server:

A Dedicated Managed Server means that only one Client’s website is on the server. It is more expensive than Shared Managed Server costs as a result. However, if you are a large business and/or have large computing needs, these costs are a small part of your revenue chain.

Ways Web Development (WWD) can handle businesses who have never been on a website or who have changed their website needs. Or, maybe you are tired of the services you currently receive through your web host, and want to find a better alternative. WWD is for you!

WWD facilitates larger businesses in going online quickly without having to deal with the massive expense of dedicating valuable internal resources. Putting aside the gigantic worries of time-consuming setup, disturbing technical support and poor performance, our clients only have to bother about choosing an ideal dedicated server plan as per their business requirements.

Our dedicated hosting plans include extremely -fast processors, best technical support in the industry, control panel options, firewall protection and much more. In addition, the ease and flexibility of customizing your own server settings to meet your specific requirements, further makes our solution ideal for websites and applications demanding rapid delivery and maximum performance.


Dedicated Hosting Plans


Basic Hosting Plan
Advanced Hosting Plan
Performance Hosting Plan

1 X Dual Core Xeon 3050

HDD: 250 GB

Ram : 2 GB

Bandwidth: 1000 GB

2 x Quad Core Xeon 5520

HDD: 250 GB

Ram : 4 GB

Bandwidth: 2000 GB

4 X Quad Core Xeon 7550

HDD: 250 GB

Ram : 32 GB

Bandwidth: 2000 GB



Silent features Of Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Full control with root access via RDP / SSH

Choice of Hosting Control Panel between Cpanel and Plesk

Ease of instant server upgrading as your website traffic increases

Absolute 99.9% Uptime Service Agreement

Technical support via email, telephone and skype 24/7


Added Features of our dedicated servers

Fastest processors with a great storage capacity

Quality network connectivity

Best-in-class hardware and software

Ideal monitoring and management

Availability of add-ons such as more bandwidth, control panel choices, backup plans, etc.


Dedicated Hosting Services


Absolutely sound arrangement of Managed Dedicated Servers
Specialized quick setup and software installation
Facility of generous resources for your big websites

Availability of extremely powerful Dedicated hosting solution

Fully guaranteed data security and reliability