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Ways Web Development Services to Get Your Website Noticed and Effective:

So, you have a Website. Now what? How are people going to find your Website among the millions of others out there? It is the age old problem: how to get noticed. And, once there, how will you convert visits to your website to sales or phone calls?

Ways Web Development offers three ways to get you results:


Pay per Click (PPC)

Internet Map Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SE0)

Below is a description of each service. For optimal results, we advise clients to consider using all three services. WWD will offer you a bundled package price you will not be able to pass up! Just


Instant Traffic from Pay per Click


Need instant traffic to your site? Then you should try Pay per Click (PPC) service. It's the best way to get targeted visitors for your site

Ways Web Development (WWD) will help you use PPC to set up and develop an advertising campaign geared toward increasing traffic to your website and more “conversions” (sales). How would you like to receive a report like this, along with help to translate it into action?

PPC is a very simple process. When a person enters a keyword in Google, advertisements will appear as a result of the search. You will see these either to the right of the results page or on top. Google performs this service based on the keywords you have chosen. When a person clicks on your ad/website, a very, very small amount of money is deducted from an advertising account set up with Google. This is a way to get attention to your website very quickly.

Ways Web Development (WWD) has a simple yet effective plan for PPC services, unlike other companies. This plan is ideal for all web site owners who want to avail themselves of WWD’s expertise that will maximize PPC for you:


Keyword Optimization: Up to 10 to 50 “keywords.” WWD will help you to select the right keywords for your website and just the right number of such word. Our experience has shown that too many keywords is actually counterproductive.

1st page search results in Google, Yahoo: You should concentrate on these two search engines as they will bring you business and will give you a better return of your money.

Analysis and action plan: WWD will help you analyze how PPC is working for you and seek to fine tune the process for more bang for your buck.

Attractive advertisement writing service is included absolutely free of cost. Attractive and effectively written ads bring more visitors. With more conversions, more visitors mean more sales.

Campaign optimization to determine how much of your website traffic is local or global (and which countries).

Reports: twice a month. Here is just one more graph that can be very useful:


All of these services for just $99/month* per site (plus a one time setup cost of $49). Contact us to help one our executives to setup campaign for your site.

*Note: this does not include charges for the advertising account with Google (or other search provider).


Internet Map Optimization


Highlight your Local Business on Google, Yahoo! and Bing Maps


Today, when Search Engines have replaced Yellow Pages and Phone Directories, it is vital for your business to be found on Google local business listings via Google Map optimization. Ways Web Development helps your business getting listed and ranked on Google Maps (Google Local Business), along with other local business search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! to help you generate high quality leads.


Why Google, Bing and Yahoo Maps count for Local Business


40% of all online searches are performed with local purpose.

Google, Bing and Yahoo! account for 75% percent of all web searches.

82% of people using local search sites carried out offline action such as phone call, store visit.

88% of consumers going for in-store buys in specific categories have performed online research.


Why WWD Map Optimization is the best!


Our Search Engine Map Optimization specialists have an in-depth understanding of the way the map algorithms work for different search engines, along with the factors employed to decide rankings of local business listings.

Below are some of the details customers can see when they click on your business that comes up through a map search:


Your company website address

Your contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses

Logo or pictures (as you decide)

An engaging company description

Identification of appropriate business category

Listing business hours of operation


Pushing your Rankings Higher


Continuous efforts are implemented to ensure that your business gains increasing visibility to web surfers looking for you on Google, Bing and Yahoo! local maps.


We create citations to your contact information on other sites and directories and boost your rankings higher on local search maps results.

We undertake the process of content optimization of listing to boost its relevance to local and mobile searchers.

Sporadic tweaking of your your map listing(s) to increase effectiveness

Maintaining updated local map information and accurate map placement


All of these services for just $49/month per site (plus a one time setup cost of $39).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Once your website has been up and running for at least 6 months, you may want to consider WWD’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

Instead of relying just on PPC advertising to get customers to your website, you want the pure search engine results to bring customers to you. This is where SEO comes in.

There are different kinds of businesses on internet. This means that the SEO process can't be the same for every business. Staff at WWD consult with our clients and provide personalized SEO solutions to each of them. Our SEO and link building services will make your website more visible and will give you proper exposure on the web.

Ways Web Development (WWD) provides cost effective SEO Services to it's clients worldwide. Because every customer has unique needs, please contact us to discuss costs.

With our search engine optimization techniques, your website can be at the top of popular search engine results. Not only do we ensure better rankings for your site, but we can also increase the number of visitors to your site. We analyse sites and optimize for certain keywords which will get you visitors. Just think: what is the use of getting ranked for a keyword if no body searches for it. Here we are different than other web developers. As you love your website more than any body else, so you have the freedom to choose your keywords and we'll optimize your site for those keywords.

WWD is compliant with the latest Google search standards. What does this meant for you? Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous services out there that will “game the system” and will give you inflated results. WWD complies with the industry standard, known as W3C (we can explain this for you at greater length). Our SEO experts will not only analyse your keywords, but will provide a comparison with the “competition” for your site.


WWD Search Engine Optimization Services


Listing in Google, Yahoo, and MSN

Monthly marketing update for optimal search results

Extensive Theme Link Building

Twice a month reports will be sent to you that we will show you how to read




After your website has been up and running for at least 6 months, WWD will perform a Client Needs Analysis:


In-depth analysis of every client's website is performed.

This information is important to evaluate the weak and strong points of your website relative to search results. Resource Selection & Allocation


Resource Selection & Allocation


Evaluating the current standing of your website, our service manager will scan and shortlist an appropriate SEO Team having the best ability to deliver your project requirements.

The selected resources will be assigned to work entirely on the client's website for the decided duration. Our dedicated SEO experts work for 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday.


Resource/ Client relationship


Clients can directly communicate with our SEO experts through online messenger like Skype, Google talk and Email.


On-Page Optimizing as per Search engine algorithms

Website Structure Optimization

Titles and Meta Tags Optimization

Content Optimization

Optimization of HTML Source Code

W3C Validations for Home Page

Images Optimization

RSS Feed Integration

Google Analytics Setup

Fast loading websites

All websites W3C Validated

All websites cross browser compatible

SEO Semantic and clean coding

Separate Quality Department

Professional, appealing and relevant websites

User friendly, Simple navigation

Competitive pricing