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SMS Gateway:

If you are looking for a full service Internet SMS provider you have come to the right place. We are not a content provider all we do is deliver your content from text to binary and WAP to OTA and smart messaging and other content from your desktop, website, application, or SMS gateway, to mobile phones in over 500 GSM, CDMA,TDMA,WLL, PCS, and paging networks around the world powered on a Carrier Grade Virtual MDEX SMS Gateway a state of the art mobile virtual SMSC connected directly into global mobile operators SS7 backbone, complete with dynamic routing, redundant routes and load balancing. We deliver your message. fast and reliably using industry standard protocols such as SMPP and HTTP and cutting edge user interfaces and GUI,s That’s all we do and we do it well! and with over 100,000 users in 110 countries globally We have earned the trust of SMS users worldwide.

Our Web SMS portal is considered the best in its class, accessible from any internet browser it is innovative, leading edge, fully functional, user friendly yet powerful with extended address book, Email to SMS alerts, 2 way SMS, forms to send SMS in virtually any format, SMPP access and HTTP access for application developers and much more. We are also the largest Application Service Provider (ASP) to webmasters wanting to put a free branded SMS portal on their websites and provide SMS services to website visitors or company employees. Webmasters of public or corporate websites can have a fully functional branded Web SMS portal complete with HTTP, SMPP and tools and clients for integration in minutes. Configuration is form based in 9 simple steps and DNS resolution can be set to reflect your website in your visitors browser window giving a true "Private label" feel So why wait, so get connected to the wireless world today! For more details please contact us.